Week 9: Graph Theory

While I encourage you to read the entire chapter, all the exercises and skills test questions for this chapter will focus on definitions, Hamiltonian circuits and the Traveling Salesman Problem, and Spanning Trees.  There will not be any questions on Euler circuits or the Shortest path algorithm.

Three Page Chapter Summary

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Graph Theory Overview Videos

This is a playlist of videos that correspond to the examples in the textbook.  You should use these to supplement the reading, not replace it, as there is a lot of content in the book that is not included in the videos.  These will hopefully help you understand an example if you're having trouble following it in print. 

As with the book, it's fine to skip over the shortest path and Euler circuit stuff, so it's ok to skip over videos 4 - 11 (Dijkstra's algorithm through Eulerization)

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