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This question asks for an algebraic expression.

With these types of questions, be sure to use the variables indicated. In your answer, you can also use mathematical expressions for numerical calculations.

There are two ways to enter algebraic answers:
  1. Enter using calculator-style notation (see below)
  2. After clicking in the answer box, click the yellow arrow that shows to the right of it to use the equation editor watch a demo

Examples of calculator-style entry:
TypeTo getComment
-3x^2+5`-3x^2+5`Notice the ^ symbol for powers
(2+x)/(3-x)`(2+x)/(3-x)`Notice you need parentheses around the numerator and denominator
sqrt(x-5)`sqrt(x-5)`Be sure to put parentheses around the input: sqrt(x+3) is OK, but sqrtx+3 or sqrt x+3 is not.
3^(x+7)`3^(x+7)`Parentheses keeps the `x+7` together as the power
1/(x(x+1))`1/(x(x+1))`You may need nested parentheses
5/3x+2/3`5/3x+2/3`Fractions are automatically formatted vertically when previewed

Unless the problem gives specific directions, any algebraically equivalent expression is acceptable. For example, if the answer was `(x+2)(x+3)`, then `(x+3)(x+2)` and `(3+x)(2+x)` would also be acceptable.

Try it here. Use the Preview button to see how the computer is interpreting what you typed. If you see syntax error, check to make sure you're using the right variable.

A) Enter the expression `3 x^2 + 2 x -8`:

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B) Enter the expression `(-5y-6)/(3y^2)`:

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C) Enter the expression `w^2 + 3 sqrt(w+1)`:

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D) This last one will require you enter an equation: `p - 2 = 5/6(t - 3)`

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