Chapter 8 Outcomes

Math 142 Chapter 8 Outcomes

  • Apply the law of sines and the law of cosines to solve for unknown sides and angles of triangles and solve applied problems associated with these laws.
  • Convert polar coordinates into rectangular coordinates and vice versa.
  • Convert polar equations into rectangular equations and vice versa.
  • Sketch the graphs of polar equations by hand and by calculator.
  • Evaluate powers and roots of complex numbers using the polar form of complex numbers (DeMoivre’s Theorem or Euler’s formula).
  • Perform basic operations with vectors graphically and component-wise.
  • Solve vector application problems such as navigation and resultant forces.
  • Given a set of parametric equations, convert them into a Cartesian equation and determine a parameterization of a Cartesian equation including identifying the bounds.
  • Sketch the graphs of parametric equations by hand and by calculator.