Chapter 6 Outcomes

Math 142 Chapter 6 Outcomes

  • Sketch the graphs of trigonometric functions and their transformations and state the domain and range of these functions.
  • Identify the amplitude, period, midline (vertical shift), and phase shift (or horizontal shift) from a graph, formula, table, or verbal description.
  • Given the graph of trigonometric functions or their transformations determine a formula for the graph.
  • Use trigonometric functions to model periodic behavior described numerically or verbally (such as fitting a graph to a table of values, a formula for the height of a seat on a ferris wheel, modeling daylight hours or tide charts, or other periodic situations).
  • Evaluate inverse trigonometric functions involving the basic angles by applying the domain and range of these functions without the use of a calculator.
  • Convert trigonometric expressions such as cos(arctan x) into algebraic expressions.
  • Identify the graphical relationships between sine, cosine, and tangent and their inverses.
  • Associate/link/relate the domain and range of the inverse trigonometric functions with the domain and range of trigonometric functions.