Week 7 - Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis Testing



The culmination of all our hard work so far this semester will by the study of hypothesis testing. In this experience we will examine each part of the process both conceptually and as a set of calculations. Thorough understanding of these mechanics will ensure you do not make the common mistakes that plague the uninformed. This important procedure is the industry standard technique for scientifically supporting and refuting claims about population means and proportions. You will find that something similar to these tests is used to determine if drugs are safe, new methods are better, or if people's opinions have changed. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Know the general process of hypothesis testing using p-values
  • Learn how to write hypotheses
  • Learn how the decision is used to make a formal conclusion.

Performance Criteria

  • The learner will translate written scenarios into corresponding null and alternative hypotheses using correct notation for mean and proportion tests.
  • The learner will translate written scenarios and small data sets into corresponding hypothesis tests and use the complete procedure to test claims.
  • The learner will write a conclusion in complete sentences that relates the decision to the original hypotheses and includes the level of significance.

Important. Click on "Textbook" above to view the reading assignment.

Here I have annotated chapter 9 to indicate parts to skip for now and include examples of hypothesis tests using StatKey. I have edited up through example 18; please ignore the TI-84 examples after that.

Please use this version instead of the web book or the print book for this week.


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  1. Review - Read the above components and post any questions in the forum below. 
  2. Practice - Complete the practice exercises that follow.
  3. Think - Answer the Critical Thinking questions in the "Critical Thinking" forum. 
  4. Apply - Complete the Application Problems and upload your completed files.
  5. Assess - Complete the Peer Assessment for this Experience.

If you have any questions about the content (readings, problems, etc.) then post in the "Questions about Week 7" forum. 

Use this model to write the conclusion in the Application.

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Practice Problem Videos

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