Week 10: Final Review

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Required Reading

There is no required reading, skills test, or written assignment this week. There is a set of review exercises.

This week is set aside to allow you to review for the final.

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Final Info

You can take the final anytime between December 5 - December 7, preferably Wednesday, December 7 at 1pm.  It will include material from Weeks 1-8.

The final is a proctored exam. It must be taken on-campus (or at another campus by arrangement). You will need to provide picture ID (this my way of verifying that you are actually the one who has been doing the work for this class). The test is pencil-and-paper or online with work on paper or in a spreadsheet, which allows me to give you partial credit for work shown. Most of the test is not multiple choice.  The test is open-book, open-notes, and you may use a calculator or spreadsheet.  You will have 2 hours for the final. 

Note that laptop computers and similar devices are conditionally permitted, so plan ahead and print out any reference materials you need for the test. You may start with a blank Google Sheet or MS Excel sheet only and any pages at MyOpenmath.com. 

Note: make sure you arrive at least 2 hours prior to the time the testing center closes.

If you have a special circumstance that will prevent you from taking the final on campus (e.g. you're out of state), please contact me at gary.parker@bluecc.edu immediately.  If you need to make special arrangements to take the final outside the dates listed above, please email me.

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