Do This First

This is a video tour of the class.  It's short and has a lot of important information.

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Course Navigation

The video above gives a tour of the course, but you might want to refer to this for help finding materials in the course.

Once you log in and enter the course you are on the home page.  Announcements will be at the top of the page.  To the left there is a menu with the following:  Messages, Forum, Calendar, Gradebook, LogOut, and Help Using MyOpenMath.

  • Messages is where you can go to email the instructor or other students
  • Forum is where you'll find the discussions for the course
  • Calendar contains due dates for assignments
  • Gradebook contains all your grades for the course
  • LogOut is where you log off once you are finished
  • Help Using MyOpenMath gives you a menu of help topics for using MOM

Below the Announcements you have Do This First, Course Information and the current unit(s).

  • Do This First is where you go to get started with the course and get familiar with where everything is
  • Course Information contains the Textbook, Instructor Information, About Units, Accessibility & Water Cooler forum
  • The current Experience folder contains all the coursework material for that unit like the reading assignment, videos, practice problems, discussion and application assignments
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Read the Syllabus

Read this completely and carefully. The syllabus outlines the format of the course and gives other very important information. 

When you have finished reading the syllabus, take the syllabus quiz below. If you miss a question, go back and check the syllabus, then reattempt that question on the quiz.

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Get your computer ready

In this class you will need the following to access all of the materials

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Next Steps

No go to Course Information for more about the course.  Click on the course name in the blue bar at the top of the page to go back to the main course page.  Click open the Course Information folder.

This is the publicly accessible content from a course on MyOpenMath. There may be additional content available by logging in