Experience 12 - Hypothesis Testing (Part 2)

Hypothesis Testing: Full Procedure



This important procedure is the industry standard technique for scientifically supporting and refuting claims about population means and proportions. You will find that something similar to these tests is used to determine if drugs are safe, new methods are better, or if people's opinions have changed. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Know the general process of hypothesis testing using p-values.

Performance Criteria

  • The learner will translate written scenarios and small data sets into corresponding hypothesis tests and use the complete procedure to test claims.

Click on "Textbook" to view the reading assignment or re-read Chapter 9 from your print or digital copy. Really try to understand every step of the process here, especially the worked examples in Section 9.5.

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P-Value Graph Generators

If you are using a normal distribution then the tool from Experience 7 works fine. It can be found here.

If you are using the t-distribution then use this site.


  1. Review - Read the above components and post any questions in the forum below. 
  2. Practice - Complete the practice exercises that follow.
  3. Think - Research and contribute to the wiki on Hypothesis Testing. 
  4. Apply - Complete the Application Problems and upload your completed file.
  5. Assess - Complete the Self-Assessment for this Experience.

If you have any questions about the content (readings, problems, etc.) then post in the "Questions about Experience 12" forum. 

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Practice Problem Videos

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